Transition THRIVE training // 17 & 18 May 2014 in Brussels, Belgium

Intéressé par notre formation « Déployer et fortifier son initiative de transition » (Transition Thrive) (plus d’info en français vous trouvez ici) le 17 & 18 mai à Bruxelles ? La formation sera organisée en Français et anglais. Inscrivez-vous et achetez votre place ici !

Want to help taking your Transition Initiative to the next level?  This two day workshop will help you to Thrive.

We know it’s not easy “Transitioning”. It’s one of the hardest, but most rewarding, things anyone can do in these changing times.

Do any of these strike a chord with you?

  • Inspiring more people to get involved is not always easy
  • We could do more if we got the funding we need
  • Wouldn’t it be great to revitalise our local, economy… but how to start?
  • What inspiring examples of jobs and enterprises are there that we could
  • try out in our Transition Initiative?
  • I wonder if we could be more effective with communication?
  • Do Twitter and Facebook work for engaging with more people?
  • I know we have done great things, but it sometimes doesn’t feel like it

If so, this training will open new ways of living and working for you personally, and be of significant benefit to your Transition Initiative. Here is participants feedback on Transition Thrive.

Transition THRIVE overview

We have developed an easy, practical tool to help you find the successes, gaps, and challenges in your Transition Initiative. You can read a blog post about it here.

Une métaphore pour mieux évaluer son initiative
Une métaphore pour mieux évaluer son initiative

The course is set out as a menu of possibilities that are dependent on
the needs of each group, so the content changes for each course. Our intention is to make the time we spend as valuable and relevant to each participant, and to tailor the areas we cover to the actual needs of the group that come. The areas that are typically covered are:

  • Reach out to the concerned but not yet involved
  • Fund your initiative
  • Create jobs and new enterprises in a local, green economy
  • Develop effective communication strategies
  • Find ways to maintain your personal resilience

We will be exploring what works and what doesn’t for other Transition Initiatives. As always in Transition Trainings, we will be weaving together theory and practice, information and experiential learning, and flexibility within a structured approach.

Who is this training for?

This 2-day training is for people who…

  • are part of an established TI that is moving from the start-up phase into creating local resilience
  • are joining an existing TI and who are looking to gain useful skills and insights into their next steps in Transition
  • are working with or for local government
  • are from another environmental group who want to gain additional skills and insights into creating community resilience.

Who is training this NOT ideal for?

This 2-day training is not ideal for people who…

  • are new to transition and want to evaluate the model and practice to see if it is for them (Check out the Transition LAUNCH courses)

    Formation Transition
    Formation groupe efficace et agréable, en apprentissage avec Josué et Vincent.


  • are part of a TI that is just beginning or about to start (Check out the Transition LAUNCH courses)
  • want additional skills or awareness in how to communicate about peak oil and other reasons why we need to do transition,  fundamental skills around awareness raising, fundamental skills in how to set up and run an Open Space event, or the basic skills in how to create and run a successful initiating group (Check out the Transition LAUNCH courses)
  • are looking for detailed skill sets in how to run successful groups and group process
  • are wanting to know how to give an inspirational and informative talk on Transition towns

Ready to book?

A transition THRIVE course will be organised in Brussels, Belgium on 17/18 May 2014. The course location is Mundo-B, near the Brussels railway station Gare Centrale. Accommodation is not provided by the organisers. Eventually, homestay with members of local transition initiatives could be arranged.

The course will be co-organised by the two regional Belgian Transition Networks Réseau Transition Wallonie & Bruxelles and Transitie Vlaanderen. The  language of instruction is English.


  • 110€ : Full tarif.
  • A reduced fee applies to transition initiatives from Wallonia or Brussels (thanks to one of our founders). For all others there is a limited number of places for a reduced fee available too. Just get in touch with the organisers.

The trainers

Naresh Giangrande
Naresh Giangrande
  • Naresh Giangrande : Together with rob Hopkins co-founder of the transition movement. He is active member of Transition Town Totnes and coordinator of the Transition Network’s training activities;
  • Josué Dusoulier : Cofounder of the Réseau Transition Wallonie & Bruxelles and the local group Ath en Transition. Josué is transition trainer since 2010.
  • Bart Vanden Driessche : Active member of Transitie Vlaanderen, he’s co-founder of several local transition initiatives in Flanders and a permaculture passionate.

How to sign-up

  • Singing-up and payment can be done online here.
  • Any questions? Need to pay by bank transfor? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us (formations @ reseautransition DOT be).


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